Paladin Law represents a client-oriented approach to the delivery of legal services, designed to provide our clients with the best quality legal advice and services at competitive rates.

We assist our private clients, and the executives and staff of our corporate clients, in preparing and documenting their Will and Testamentary Trust structures, and executing Estates.  For complex Wills, our services include reviewing Assets, Asset holding structures, and the client's personal situation to ensure their Will is appropriate for their circumstances, and will effectively distribute their wealth to their intended Beneficiaries.

We also provide legal services to Executors in respect of Probate and administration applications for Deceased Estates

At Paladin Law, we have the experience and knowledge to assist our clients in all aspects of estate planning including the following

u  Wills and Testamentary Trusts   u Obtaining Probate or Letters of Administration   u Advising on Easements, Covenants and associated disputes   u Advice to Executors   u Advice to Guardians for children   u Organ Donation directions   u Rights and Responsibilities of administering an Estate   u Creating Testamentary Trusts   u Deeds of Guardianship Appointment dealing with medical directives should you lose mental capacity and be unable to express your health decisions   u Enduring Powers of Attorney dealing with your assets should you lose mental capacity

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